Implementation plan and Status

Summary Status on December 2018

Service Status
Internet Deployment completed
Firewall Fully dual-stack and automatised. 
DNS Deployment completed
DHCPv6 Deployment completed
NTP Deployment completed
LCG Deployment completed
GPN Deployment completed
TN IPv4 only. Deployment planned for LS3
Experiments DAQ-CC interconnections can be configured to be dual-stack

Known Issues

  • IPv6 packets not forwarded by the old Proxim WIFI access points
  • iOS6 and Android (up to 4.4) don't have a dhcpv6 client. iOS7 works fine

Achieved Milestones

  • 2001: CERN IPv6 testing started
  • 2003, June: public IPv6 prefix assigned to CERN
  • 2003, September: IPv6 deployed in the CERN External Network. CERN prefix announced to Research and Education networks.
  • 2003, November: IPv6 Land Speed record in collaboration with Caltech
  • 2009, March: “IPv6 deployment at CERN” issued, EPFL Master Thesis of Soumaya Lanouar
  • 2009, November: CERN IPv6 prefix visible in the whole IPv6 Internet.
  • 2011, February: IPv6 address plan issued
  • 2011, March: Development LANDB schema includes IPv6 information.
  • 2011, July: IPv6 connectivity in part of LCG, CORE and GPN backbones (Brocade routers)
  • 2011, July: Prototype of DNS servers
  • 2011, August: IPv6 Internet connectivity via dedicated firewall
  • 2011, August: Pilot IPv6 services for LCG and GPN users
  • 2012, March: LANDB (Network database) with IPv6 tables in production
  • 2012, March: CSDWEB support of IPv6 information
  • 2012, March: training of Netcom and CD about new CSDB
  • 2012, June: HP compiler can generate IPv6 configuration
  • 2012, July: CSDB supports IPv6 for MANUTP and MTP and Blocking
  • 2012, October: cfmgr Brocade and HP compilers can generate IPv6 configurations
  • 2013, March: all routers in the Computer Centre of Building 513 support IPv6 for end-users
  • 2013, March: WEBREQ support of IPv6 information (not for end-users yet)
  • 2013, April: DHCPv6 for static devices (IP services)
  • 2013, April: All LCG routers have dual-stack services
  • 2013, June: NTP service ready: and
  • 2013, September: DHCPv6 for portable devices
  • 2013, September: DNS replies over IPv6 from and
  • 2013, October: Gates software (landb schema and translation of existing IPv4 rules, csdweb, webreq, cfmgr gate update).
  • 2013, October: DNS automaticaly configured from LANDB information
  • 2013, November: All GPN routers have dual-stack services
  • 2013, November: LANDB IPv6 information available from the SOAP interface
  • 2013, November: WEBREQ shows IPv6 information to any user
  • 2014, January: Automatic IPv6 configuration in the central firewall
  • 2014, January: Leased dynamic addresses published in
  • 2014, February: IPv6-ready flag fully functional (DNS and Firewall)
  • 2014, February: Netcom and IT Service desk trained
  • 2014, February 18: DHCPv6 leases to any device in the IT buildings 28,31,600
  • 2014, April 1st: DHCPv6 leases to any device in the IT datacentre in building 513
  • 2014, May 6th: DHCPv6 leases to any registered device connected to a portable socket or WIFI
  • 2014, May 8th: dual-stack lxplus instance available at
  • 2014, May 12th: imap, pop, smtp, ldap services dual stack
  • 2014, June 3rd: DHCPv6 leases to any static device in GPN. DHCPv6 deployment completed.
  • 2014, June: ldap service dual stack
  • 2018, August: IPv6 HTAR

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